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Subscribe if you want to see more videos like this Rocky Balboa pulled off a Christmas miracle when he beat Ivan Drago in 1985. There were not many who gave the Italian Stallion a chance of victory, but by the end of the Christmas Day bout, chants Rocky vs Drago. Stallone vs Lundgren. Rocky IV. 1985. 80s and 90s. Full HD. Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). Final fight. Sylvester Stallone. Rocky IV. 1985. Best movie fight scenes. Stallone, Lundgren, best trillers from the 80s and 90s

A parady of the final fight scene in Rocky IV Personally I think mine is better. A few extra notes: 1) No, this was not a sanctioned fight 2) The game being played in the back is Wii bowling 3. Rocky IV: Apollo Creed vs Ivan Drago (german version) Biomuan. 1:54. CREED 2 (FIRST LOOK - Rocky Vs Drago Trailer NEW) 2018 Sylvester Stallone Rocky Movie HD. Fresh Movie Trailers. 2:39. CREED 2 (FIRST LOOK - Ivan Drago Vs Rocky Fight Scene BTS Clip + Trailer NEW) 2018 Rocky Apollo Creed, ancien adversaire et dorénavant ami de Rocky Balboa, est tué sur le ring par le boxeur russe, Ivan Drago. Se reprochant de n'avoir pu sauver so..

Rocky 4 - Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago (1080p) - YouTub

Balboa vs. Drago. After the fight, Rocky Balboa did whatever he could to get a fight with Ivan, but the boxing commission stated that they would not sanction the fight, urging Rocky to wait two years. Eventually, Rocky was able to work out a deal with Ivan's team to have the fight take place in the USSR on Christmas Day for no money whatsoever Ivan Drago (Russian: Иван Драго) is a fictional character from the Rocky films who originates from Soviet Russia. He first appears in the 1985 film Rocky IV, in which he is the main antagonist and rival of Rocky Balboa.He also appears in the 2018 film Creed II, in which he serves as the trainer to his son Viktor.He is portrayed by Swedish actor and real-life martial artist Dolph Lundgren

Regardez CREED 2 : Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa fight scene - Sylvester Stallone 2018 - Burger Buzz sur Dailymotio Rocky Battle: Clubber Lang (Rocky III) vs Ivan Drago (Rocky IV) CortSether. Follow 1868. Forum Posts. 1824. Wiki Points. 0. Followers. Reviews: 0. User Lists: 2 #1. In the climax of Rocky IV, an uppercut by Rocky Balboa left Ivan Drago on the canvas after 15 rounds of fighting.Unable to respond to the referee's count, Drago was handed a loss by knockout in. Ivan Drago (born November 3rd, 1961) is a Russian boxer, Olympian, an Infantry Captain for the Soviet Army, and was the main antagonist in Rocky IV. Drago was an amateur boxer and Olympic gold medallist from the Soviet Union, armed with a punch over 2,000 psi. As seen in the events from Rocky Legends, Drago was first scouted by Nicolai Koloff in Russia, Koloff was tasked with finding a fighter. Creed II Director Really Upset Stallone by Cutting Rocky Vs. Drago Rematch. Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago duked it out in a cut scene from Creed II, and Sly Stallone was sad to see it go

Ivan Drago beaten by Rocky in classic Christmas Day fight

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Balboa vs. Drago Tee Black 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton 4.3 oz. Premium fitted Machine wash cold, turn inside out, and hang dry. *All releases designed and approved by Sylvester Stallone Rocky V begins with Rocky and his trainer Tony Duke Evers in their dressing room after the Drago fight. Tony praises Rocky for his victory, but Rocky, seen to be in some form of physical discomfort, asks Tony to summon his wife, Adrian. His hands are shaking, and he cannot make them stop due to the trauma, pain and fear caused by Drago Mike Tyson (this world) vs Ivan Drago (Rocky). * Boxing match, standard boxing rules. * Both fighters in prime. * Arena is in Switzerland (neutral ground). If this is a stomp/victory for Drago, then Tyson gets a rematch, before which he absorbs all the skills and reflexes of Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay) while also retaining his own

Rocky Balboa is going to punch Ivan Drago in Creed 2. Here's what Sylvester Stallone had to say about it. RELATED: Creed II Director Really Upset Stallone by Cutting Rocky Vs Review: Stephen King returns with 'The Institute' Associated Press via Yahoo News · 1 year ago. The kids are all right again, in Stephen King's world. Not since part one of It or his short story The Body, which became the Stand by Me film, has.. Drago and it's not even close. Clubber Lang caught Rocky sleeping on the fight and took Rocky out with a barrage of hooks and power shots. Rocky went to Apollo Motherfucking Creed, former dominant champ who retired with only a single close loss (to Rocky) on his resume, and retrained himself to box Clubber, and got Clubber into deep water, tiring Lang out before finishing him off Outdoor Footwear And Apparel With Comfort, Quality And Design You Can Count On Every Time. Providing Innovative, High Quality, and Durable Footwear and Apparel Since 193 Rocky & Drago är ett underhållningsprogram med Peter Siepen och Tilde Fröling som programledare. Programmet visades på TV6 i tre säsonger mellan 2006 och 2007.. Rocky & Drago får i varje program ett resemål av sin producent som de åker till. De ska där utföra 5 olika uppdrag

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Rocky won, because though Drago's precisely measured training told him he should win, Rocky's spartan training told him he could win, but he still he had to hope he would. When Rocky stepped into the ring, it was to find out what would happen, what he was really capable of, and for lots of things in life, that's what it be should about, moving forward into the unknown Read about Rocky vs Drago (War) FULL by Rocky IV and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists

Rocky vs Drago. Saved by TODD. 2. Rocky Stallone Rocky Sylvester Stallone Rocky Series Rocky Film I Movie Movie Stars Movie Place Rocky Balboa Poster Stallone Movies Rocky vs Drago: Relive the classic fight as Balboa exacts revenge on Apollo Creed's killer. December 25, 2018 December 25, 2018 0. Boxing Belter. There are worse ways to spend your Christmas Day than watching an absolute classic, albeit fictional, fight Rocky vs Drago. February 13, 2012 - Filed in Random Musings. Dear Friends of UG, Today, I had planned to share some pictures of the amazing Singles Night we had at The Urban Grape last night

Drago mata a Apollo Creed Rocky 4_ - Vídeo Dailymotio

  1. If the Rocky vs Drago fight was real, who would have won? This is a very funny and entertaining question ! Rocky was played by Sylvester Stallone, an actor who played football in high school and in Rocky 4 stood ~ 5′8″ and weighed about 180 pounds..
  2. Drago and Rocky went the distance, all while Drago's country was turning their back on him. How in the world is he going to handle a puncher like Drago; a physical specimen that punches roughly 800 million times harder than the average human being (that's an approximate figure)
  3. Rocky vs Drago. Enregistrée par Isaac Rodriguez. 28. Oeil De Tigre Johnny Hallyday Acteurs Rocky Balboa Super Héros Marvel Affiche De Film Art Martial People Fotografia
  4. Rocky Balboa VS Ivan Drago Fight Night Round 4. Fight Night Round 4. 2:20. Acting - Sample Monologue as Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) from Rocky Balboa by Actor Orlando Ricci. Isai Myrle. 1:54. CREED 2 (FIRST LOOK - Rocky Vs Drago Trailer NEW) 2018 Sylvester Stallone Rocky Movie HD

Rocky Balboa VS Ivan Drago (Part 1) - YouTub

  1. Godzilla vs. Kong writer Michael Dougherty compares that fight to Rocky vs. Ivan Drago. It's been years since audiences last saw two of cinema's most notorious monsters of all time, Godzilla and King Kong, battle each other head to head
  2. a, despite being nearly 2m and 270 pounds, he managed to go with Rocky all 15 rounds against the strongest version of Rocky, even Lang got btfo'd in the third round against a weaker Rocky. Drago is without a doubt Rocky's greatest foe, saying he is unskilled is a massive disservice
  3. Drago is knocked out in the 15th and final round. It is only Rocky's mental toughness and incredible heart that allow him to finally defeat the massive Drago. Also, take into account the size difference. Clubber Lang (Mr. T) 5' 10 255lbs. Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) - 6' 8 261lbs. Drago's height and reach advantage would destroy Clubber Lang
  4. Rocky Balboa Fought Ivan Drago Again in a Deleted Scene from 'Creed II' The epic footage never made it into the home release. By Philip Ellis. Sep 10, 2019 Getty Images
  5. *Rocky vs. Clubber* *Rocky vs. Drago* Experience the legendary rivalries in the most unique free-to-play fighting game on your mobile device! Build the ultimate fighter roster. Unlock new boxers as you build up your gym and accumulate rewards! With 37 fighters across 4 tiers,.
  6. This clearly shows in Rocky I and II. Drago on the other hand was tanking Rocky IV (who was MUCH stronger than Rocky II), at least in the beginning. 1 year ago. noobmaster2001
  7. Rocky IV premiered in Westwood, Los Angeles on November 21, 1985. Director's cut . In August 2020, Stallone announced that a director's cut edition was set for release on November 27 to celebrate the film's 35th anniversary. The director's cut will feature new footage of the Apollo vs. Drago match

I accidentally deleted this video and there was no way to restore it so I had to re-upload itSubscribe if you want to see more videos like this Ivan Drago vs. Soda Popinski is a What-If Death Battle created by Venage237. This fan made Death Battle features Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, and Soda Popinski from the Punch-Out series. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Ivan Drago 4 Soda Popinski 5 Death Battle 5.1 Fight 5.2 Round 2 5.3 Round 3 5.4 KO 6 Conclusion 7 Next Time Rocky vs. Punch-Out. Today, two Russian boxers that illegally enhance their.


Apollo told Rocky not to stop the fight, which gives Drago a chance to deliver a blow (as Rocky dropped the towel) that unfortunately killed Apollo, who died in Rocky's arms in the middle of the ring. Rocky then sets out to avenge Apollo's death by beating Drago in the Soviet Union with the Soviet premier and the Politburo looking on ROCKY BALBOA VS REAL STEEL 201 Rocky VS Drago. Escena eliminada de Creed 2 Sylvester Stallone ha compartido en su cuenta de instagram un sorprendente video sobre una escena eliminada de la película Creed 2 , donde podemos ver un breve enfrentamiento entre Rocky Balboa e Ivan Drago A fight in Las Vegas againts Apollo vs Drago in a friendly exhabition match, Drago kills after 2 rounds Apollo. Now Rocky (Sly) dicedies to avenge Apollo's death. Rocky chalenges Drago by him self in the Soviet Union on Christmas Day, an arrangement match unsanctioned 15-round bout

Read about Rocky vs Ivan Drago by Rocky Balboa and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists Creed II star and writer-producer Sylvester Stallone was upset director Steven Caple Jr. cut a mini rematch between his Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago, according to co-star Dolph Lundgren. The. Sylvester Stallone: Rocky Vs Drago - Final Fight [HD] #KungFu #SylvesterStallone #Rocky Rocky vs Drago... Stará dobrá klasika. Viktor Drago vs. Apollo Creed GeorgeWBush. Yeah but I meant Viktor not his Dad Drago my mistake. Rocky has some insane feats but taking on Ivan who had a crazy size advantage along.

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Breaking Down Every Round of the Balboa-Drago Fight In

Drago has the reach on Clubber Boxers ( just getting there careers started ) who I have seen been really messed up by far less head shots that what Rocky can handle. YOU PUT THAT HEAVY BAG WITH EYEBALLS IN THE RING WITH ME AND YOU GONNA SEE THE MEANING OF PAIN!!! Apollo bites off more than he can chew in this infamous sce..

Ivan Drago(Rocky IV) vs. Chozen Toguchi(Karate Kid Part II) Casual. In a fight to the death between Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and Chozen Toguchi from The Karate Kid Part II, who would win and why? 5 comments. share. save. hide. report. 78% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by Ahead of plans to film Rocky VII, Sylvester Stallone has called on old foe Dolph Lundgren to take the role of Ivan Drago to face Rocky Balboa again While a brief rematch between Rocky and Drago would have been a real fan-pleasing moment, Creed 2 doesn't miss this sequence. Lundgren has stated he thinks Drago's redemption is still being saved for Creed 3, so there's a chance the character could reappear in a future sequel.It looks like Stallone may have thrown in the towel as Rocky, however, with the star announcing his retirement. Rocky Vs Drago (Rocky 4 - Final Fight) FIRST LOOK MovieClips. Fresh Movie Trailers. 1:54. CREED 2 (FIRST LOOK - Rocky Vs Drago Trailer NEW) 2018 Sylvester Stallone Rocky Movie HD. Fresh Movie Trailers. 2:47. Rocky vs Ivan Drago. ViralNew. 5:32. Rocky Balboa game (NGC) Apollo Creed Vs Ivan Drago Ivan is reverted to his rocky 4 state and he has a sparring match with viktor. 12 rounds, who would wi

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Stallone Shares Deleted Rocky Vs. Drago Fight from Creed 2. Rocky and Drago nearly had a fight in Creed 2, but it was regrettably cut out, says Sylvester Stallone Rocky Vs Ivan Drago. Source(s): https://shrink.im/ban4j. 0 0. JR. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Ok,interesting question,but I'm curious.Rocky beat Clubber Lang in the third round because Lang didn't have the stamina Rocky had.In Rocky 4,Rocky and Drago fought for the entire 15 rounds before Rocky finally was able to knock Drago out.So,these.

Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago went head to head in a street-level rematch in one of the Creed 2 deleted scenes, and you can see a clip of the brawl here The first part of the Rocky triptych features Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago. — Rocky IV Professional boxing gloves (8 oz) carved with a scalpel on a Plexiglas podium (40 x 20 cm) Price on request. PRÉC Yvon Durelle. SUIVANT Rocky Rocky Series. Rocky vs Drago. Rocky Series Rocky Film Tony Burton Rocky Sylvester Stallone Burt Young Silvester Stallone Carl Weathers Rocky Film Tony Burton Rocky Sylvester Stallone Burt Young Silvester Stallone Carl Weather Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer is an online game created by I-Mockery in which the player plays as Ivan Drago and fights crime throughout the streets of the United States. He begins at the Soviet Embassy and ends inside Mickey's gym.Drago there fights a cyborg of Apollo Creed and then Rocky Balboa, as in Rocky IV.. After playing through the game as Drago, the player can unlock Apollo Creed and.

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Another Bane vs Rocky Character thread. Honestly if I want to see anyone fight Drago, it'd be this guy. Indeed I don't recall ever seeing that thread. 7 Personally, I'm in the camp that supports the superhuman Rocky and Drago, as it coincides with the tone of the film, given that the attitude of the series changed with Rocky III Rocky IV - Rocky Vs Drago He's worried! You cut him! You hurt him! You see? You see? He's not a machine, he's a man! Related Videos. 6:02. Sylvester Stallone & Talia Shire Introduce ROCKY. Rocky. 56K views · January 28, 2017. 10:20. Rocky Anthology _ we love Rocky. Rocky. 261K views · November 4, 2016

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Ivan Drago trained his son specifically to carry on in his stead. And Viktor's success will be his own after his fall from grace 30 years ago. Losing to Rocky and embarrassing himself in front of high-ranking Soviet officials effectively ended Drago's career, and his son presents his best opportunity to return to the spotlight Home » ENTERTAINMENT » Sylvester Stallone confirms Rocky vs Drago rematch in Creed 2 The cold war heats up in Creed 2 . Dolph Lundgren returns to play Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who killed Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in Rocky IV Ludmilla Vobet Drago is the wife of Ivan Drago and a member of the Soviet Union. The part of Ludmilla was played by Danish actress/centrefold TV personality Brigitte Nielsen, a former wife of Sylvester Stallone. Ludmilla serves as the tertiary antagonist of Rocky IV and Creed 2. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Rocky IV 1.3 Events Between Rocky IV & Creed II 2 Appearances 3 Trivia Ludmilla Vobet. Creed II is as much as sequel to Rocky IV as it is 2015's Creed, although despite seeing Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) take on Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu) in a bid to avenge his father's death, it doesn't really provide much of a recap of what actually happened in the cult classic Rocky sequel. Here's everything the movie doesn't tell you. Creed shifted the focus of the Rocky series. Yes but you're going to pay in the long run, in terms of damage inflicted that stays with you for life. When a lot of people think of getting hit they assume.

Rocky Battle: Clubber Lang (Rocky III) vs Ivan Drago

  1. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Rocky Iv Drago animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>
  2. If Rocky could beat Drago while blocking every punch with his head, I think Tyson might be able to take him. Although, the fight is literally haymaker after haymaker and he doesn't get knocked out until the 12th round, if Drago was fighting someone who moved and could get inside like Tyson, he wouldn't be able to do much
  3. Rocky IV - Rocky Vs Drago He's worried! You cut him! You hurt him! You see? You see? He's not a machine, he's a man!
  4. Geek Fight Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago #RockyIV. Batman Beyond Batman's 75th Anniversary Short by Darwyn Cooke #Batma

What happened to Ivan Drago after he lost to Rocky

>> CLICK HERE TO BUY ROCKY BALBOA VS IVAN DRAGO POSTER FROM TAGOTEE << Contents. Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster; Buy it now: Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster. Home page: Tagotee Store . I'm so happy to hear this! My husband and I go up almost every weekend, and we've missed the park quite a bit when it's closed Ya que no querían que quedara tan plano como en Rocky IV. Aquí os dejamos el vídeo que ha compartido Sylvester Stallone de una pelea entre Rocky vs Drago en Creed 2. View this post on Instagra Drago: [to Rocky] I must break you. Apollo Creed: Well, I've been with the best. I've beaten the best. I've retired more men than Social Security Check out Rocky Balboa Vs. Ivan Drago. It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. after ivan kill mr. creed rocky fights hi Buy it now: Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster Home page: Tagotee Store the more they tried to tarnish him the more he shinedthanks BLM..Antifa and thanks to all those democrats who took a knee to our flag and national anthem.you exposed yourselves for what you stand for

Ivan Drago returns to America after his defeat to Rocky Balboa, befriending small time boxing coach Jim Baxter and his schoolteacher daughter Jenny. Battling their separate demons, Ivan and Jenny grow close and find that they can help each other get vengeance in different ways.. Rocky vs Drago. Saved by Toad ! 8. Rocky Series Rocky Film Tony Burton Rocky Sylvester Stallone Burt Young Silvester Stallone Carl Weathers Le Champion Movies. More information... Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in

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  1. Creed vs. Drago 2. Rocky and Little Duke take Adonis to the desert to rigorously train his body from within to prepare for the fight, while Mary Anne, Bianca, and Amara provide a stable support system
  2. g Drago and Clubber are in the same class when it comes to punching power, Clubber's superior experience (remember, Drago's fight with Rocky was only his second pro fight ever) should win the day
  3. Rocky IV: East vs. West. In 1985, Ivan Drago, an immensely muscular 6-foot 5, 261-pound Soviet boxer, arrives in the United States with his wife Ludmilla, and a team of trainers from the USSR and Cuba. His manager, Nicolai Koloff, takes every opportunity to promote Drago's athleticism as a hallmark of Soviet superiority
  4. Look, I love Rocky. However, let's be realistic. Drago is literally as close to a machine as possible. I think it is noble enough for Rocky to have had the guts to go toe-toe with Drago after he saw his best friend die. Also, Apollo is arguably a better fighter than Rocky (a debate for another article), yet The Stallion still accepted the.
Rocky IV-Rocky Balboa Vs Ivan Drago Parte 4 (Audio LatinoRocky 4 - Rocky vs Drago Press Conference (1080p) - YouTube

Creed II Director Really Upset Stallone by Cutting Rocky

Apollo Creed is a fictional character from the Rocky films.He was played by Carl Weathers.He is a tough but agile boxer, who is, as the series begins, the undisputed heavyweight world champion. The character was inspired by the real-life champion Muhammad Ali, having what one author remarked as the same brash, vocal, [and] theatrical personality

Fight Night Champion Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago - YouTube

Rocky IV (1985) - IMD

  1. Rocky VS Drago - Rocky Fan Art (36635282) - Fanpo
  2. Rocky IV - Wikipedi
  3. Rocky IV (1985) - Full Cast & Crew - IMD
  4. Rocky vs Drago Rocky film, Sylvester stallone, Rocky
  5. Balboa vs. Drago Tee - Sly Stallone Sho
Wallpaper Blog: dolph lundgren hdCLUBBER LANG (MrApollo Creed vs Ivan Drago Best Rocky IV Series 1 actionROCKY IV THEME GUITAR FINAL FIGHT ( ROCKY VS DRAGO) - YouTubeRocky Vs Apollo GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHYRocky III - Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang 1st Fight - YouTubeRocky Balboa Interview After fight - YouTube
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