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Corydalis solida is a great spring ephemeral that brings an unusual color to the garden at this time of year.How many of our spring flowers are red, pink or purplish red? Spread them around the garden between larger plants and enjoy them while the larger plants are still sleeping Spring corydalis is native to northern Europe and Asia. It is introduced in North America, including New England, where it is known from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. A hardy plant (tolerates zones 4 to 8), it produces tubular purple flowers and abundant foliage of palmate, light green leaves. Look for it to flower at the height of.

Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans' (Fumewort) is a tuberous herbaceous perennial with showy spikes of up to 20 pale coral pink to deeper pink, tubular flowers, adorned with a white flash on the spur. Blooming profusely in mid to late spring, they sit proudly above the handsome, fern-like foliage of blue-green, divided leaves. A charming little plant that is ridiculously easy to grow and is perfect. Corydalis solida. Familj: Vallmoväxter - Papaveraceae (tidigare Jordröksväxter - Fumariaceae) Växtform: Flerårig ört. Höjd: 10-20 cm. Knölväxt, stjälk uprätt, kraftig. Blomma: Zygomorf. Purpurfärgad-röd sällan vit, fyrbladig, 15-20 mm lång krona med lång, böjd-rak sporre. Två tidigt avfallande foderblad Corydalis solida George Baker (Stor Nunneört) Förpackningen innehåller 1 st. blomsterknölar . Förpackningen innehåller 1 st. blomsterknölar Storlek I Höjd 10-20 cm Blommar i mars-april. Genom att bocka i rutan ovan är jag medveten om att Vårförsäljnings-varan jag beställer levereras föst till våren mellan 15/3 och 31/5

Svenska synonym: stornunneört (ssp. solida), fliknunneört (ssp. incisa) Hagelerkespore Langstilket Lærkespore Pystykiurunkannus Bird-in-a-bush Gefingerter Lerchensporn Beskrivning. Stor nunneört är en flerårig, grågrön ört som kan bli nästan tre decimeter hög. Stjälken är upprätt och har ett fjäll vid basen, stamknölen är solid Köp dina växter utan kruka & överflödig jord - Du sparar både pengar & miljö Genus Corydalis can be annuals, biennials or tuberous or rhizomatous perennials, with ternately or pinnately lobed leaves and racemes of spurred, tubular flowers Details C. solida is a tuberous perennial to 25cm in height, with grey-green, divided leaves and narrow, dense, terminal racemes of pale pink, purple or white flowers 2cm in length in sprin

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Corydalis solida 'George Baker' Corydalis solida ssp. transsylvanica med krokus Corydalis decipiens och Scilla bifolia Pseudofumaria lutea Pseudofumaria alba Corydalisrabatt i Gbgs Botan. Corydalis x allenii, broknunneört. Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple Leaf' Corydalis flexuosa 'China Blue' Foto: Jonas Bengtsson. Corydalis solida med rysk. Corydalis Solida. Celandine, centralt. Royaltyfri . Download previe Noteworthy Characteristics. Corydalis solida grows to 10 tall and features clusters (up to 20 flowers per cluster) of tube-shaped, purplish red flowers (1 long) which bloom in spring. Mounds of divided, medium green, fern-like foliage resemble that of bleeding heart (Dicentra) which is in the same family.Genus name comes from the Greek word korydalis meaning lark in reference to the.

Corydalis . Corydalis solida seedling . Corydalis nobilis. Corydalis scouleri. Corydalis solida 'Georg Baker' Corydalis solida 'Splendens' Corydalis solida 'Rode Tinten' Corydalis solida Corydalis caucasica 'Rosea' Corydalis caucasica, red. Corydalis malkensis. Corydalis x alleni Corydalis solida 'Ballade' ~ Every year we offer ever man of the rarest and best cultivars of C. solida. Here, as evidence, is a robust violet-flowered selection from the redoubtable Janis Ruksans. The long-spurred, white-mouthed blooms are densely deployed on masses of relatively tall (10-inch) stems

Award-winning Corydalis solida 'George Baker' (Fumewort) is a tuberous herbaceous perennial with showy spikes of up to 20 glowing brick-red, tubular flowers in mid to late spring. They rise well above the handsome, fern-like foliage of blue-green, divided leaves. A charming little plant that is ridiculously easy to grow and is perfect for borders, rockeries or woodland areas Thus, Corydalis solida, also known as spring fumewort, has lobed leaves of dull blue-green colour, purple or pink flowers, and is best suited to be grown on the borders of flower beds, in the undergrowth or in a rock garden. White corydalis (Corydalis ochroleuca,) with its lobed blue-green leaves and racemes of creamy-white flowers is a shade. Stor nunneört (Corydalis solida) är en art i familjen vallmoväxter.. Externa länkar. Den virtuella floran; Wikimedia Commons har media som rör Stor nunneört And that's certainly the case with Corydalis solida. It's a small spring-flowering bulb that goes under the inauspicious name of fumewort, a name that practically makes me gag. Any gardener worth their salt simply calls it corydalis (pronounce it any way you want) or, if they're trying to be specific (there are some 300 other species of Corydalis ), bulbous corydalis Corydalis solida in Kew Science Plants of the World online. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the internet. Accessed: 2020 March 17. Reference page. International Plant Names Index. 2020. Corydalis solida. Published online. Accessed 17 March 2020. Vernacular name

It is bulb planting time and that includes tubers. I am excited to see the tubers of Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans' (fumewort) sprout this spring.. You need to plant C. 'Beth Evans' in an area of dappled shade, as the fern-like foliage disappears just as your hosta foliage emerges.The tuber cannot take the hot sun through the heat of the summer Corydalis solida 'G.P. Baker' €0.70 apiece. Tax included Spring Corydalis or bird-in-a-bush, dark reddish-pink. Height 15 cm. Ideal for naturalizing under or next to shrubs. Quantity Price You Save; 100: €0.65: Up to €4.90: 200: €0.63: Up to €14.00: Quantit Solid-tubered corydalis blooms when skylarks lay their eggs, but it is able to ripen its seeds before the chicks leave the nest. It is pollinated by anthophora plumipes bees, which uncover the stamen when they sit down on the flower's outermost lower petals and squash the inner petals that surround the stamens and pistil downwards to reveal the stigma Corydalis (Greek korydalís crested lark) is a genus of about 470 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the family Papaveraceae, native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere and the high mountains of tropical eastern Africa. They are most diverse in China and the Himalayas, with at least 357 species in China Nunneört, Corydalis Solida 'Falls of Nimrodel' Vitsippa, Anemona nemorosa 'Vestal' Åkerbär.3 olika sorter. Mossljung, Cassiope selaginoides 'Bluhwunder',alternativt Harrimanella hypnoides; Sippruta, (en rosa sort), Anemonella thalictroides; Förutom växter kom jag även över. ett buntband från Torvan. Märketiketter, fiberväv

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Corydalis solida. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. APG IV Classification: Domain:. CORYDALIS SOLIDA 'GEORGE BAKER' SEEDS - Plant World Seeds. This rare and extremely beautiful, clump-forming herbaceous alpine has a hardy tuberous root, and grey-green, divided, fern-like foliage. Heavy sprays of tubular, deep brick-red flowers are borne in upright racemes in March and April. It does best in very well-drained, moderately fertile soil in an open sunny position or light dappled. Stock levels are kept fully updated on our website. If you plan to visit our nursery please do check our website for current availability before travelling, or please email us on packhouse@bethchatto.co.uk and we can put plants aside for you Order Corydalis solida Bulbs from our Autumn range.We provide a wide range of Corydalis solida, ideal for Autumn and Winter Planting Bulbs to transform your garden from Bloms Bulbs, leading UK supplier of Autumn High Quality Rock Garden and Herbacious Borde

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  1. Corydalis solida STOR NUNNEÖRT Denna art växer vild i södra Sveriges bokskogar och på ängar gärna tillsammans med Vitsippor och Vårlök. Här trivs den tillsammans med Lungört och Dårört som börjar blomma i slutet av april
  2. Corydalis solida 'George Baker' STOR NUNNEÖRT 'George Baker' Detta är en klon av arten med betydligt rikare färger i lysande rött. Tidigare gick den under namnet C. transilvanica och kallas ibland för Drakulanunneört
  3. Latin: Corydalis solida Höjd: Ca 25 cm Växtsätt: Kuddformigt Blommor: Lilarosa. Blomningstid: Maj - juni Bladverk: Blågrönt. Läge: Halvskugga

Corydalis solida Beth Evans (Stor Nunneört) Förpackningen innehåller 5 st. blomsterknölar. Förpackningen innehåller 5 st. blomsterknölar Storlek 6/+ Höjd 10-15 cm Blommar i mars. Genom att bocka i rutan ovan är jag medveten om att Vårförsäljnings-varan jag beställer levereras föst till våren mellan 15/3 och 31/5. Genom. CORYDALIS solida ´Prasil Strain´ - Lämplig som marktäckare i skuggiga rabatter. Välkommen till Säve Plantskola AB - En perennodling riktad mot återförsäljare och yrkesanvändare. Startsid SPR INFO AB Åforsvägen 11, 384 30 Blomstermåla tel: 0499-201 50 e-post: info@sprinfo.s Stor nunneört Corydalis solida. 2017-03-03 Bykldata In. Stor nunneört Corydalis solida. Hem; Här finns vi; Om BoGrönt; Inspiration & Tips; Medlemsansöka

Its reclassification to the genus Corydalis was made by notable French botanist Joseph Philippe de Clairville (1742 - 1830) in 1811. Found growing under the canopy of deciduous woodland, Corydalis solida is considered to be a spring ephemeral Nunneörtsläktet (Corydalis) är ett släkte som ingår i familjen vallmoväxter. [1] Släktet har cirka 400 arter i Nordamerika och Eurasien.En art förekommer i östra Afrika.. Till släktet hörande arter är tidigare vårväxter. De har en underjordisk stam (knölstam eller rotstock)

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Corydalis solida Beth Evans Corydalis solida Charming pink blooms. Charming pink, tubular flowers with specks of white atop ferny green foliage. This woodland flower does best in partial to full shade and will multiply on its own each year when happily situated. Grows 4 to 5 high. from $9.95. Unit Price Quantity. AGM. A vibrant red clone originally found in Romania and further selected in the Netherlands. Always commented on the flowers contrast well with the leaves. Red brick flowers in March and April . 10cm Camassia Chionodoxa Colchicum, Fall-Flowering Convallaria Majalis Corydalis Solida Crinodonna Crown Imperial Cuban Lily Cyclamen Species Daylily Dicentra Dichelostemma Dodecatheon Dog's Tooth Violet Dracunculus Vulgari Corydalis solida Beth Evans. Fumewort, Bird in a Bush. This award-winning selection of the bee-loved Scandinavian tuber has clusters of tubular pink flowers, flashes of white on the spurs and ferny foliage. As these charming woodland flowers mature, they fade to a paler shade of pink Corydalis malkensis, bracteata och turtschaninovii trivs också i lunden men vill ha en mer torvrik och sval jord. Jag odlar gärna nunneörter bland Hostor och andra växter som kommer senare och döljer det vissnande bladverket. Vill du pröva Corydalis så kika efter C. solida och dess namnsorter

Corydalis can also be grown in pots, but it is important not to over-dry them in the summer, this causes shrivelling. The semi-desert and steppe species from central Asia are more forgiving with regard to a summer bake than those used to cooler, moister natural habitats. Corydalis solida Red Baro Syn.: Corydalis digitata (Schrank) Pers., Corydalis halleri (Willd.) Willd., Corydalis bulbosa (Mill.) DC. in Lam. et DC. Fl. Franc., Fumaria solida (L.) Mill. Corydalis 'Blackberry Wine'. Corydalis are lovely plants with ferny foliage and distinct flowers that are well suited to a wide range of garden habitats. The 4-petaled flowers cover a wide spectrum of colors, including blue and coral. They are unusual and tubular, and are often held perpendicular to the foliage, giving the impression of a swimming school of colorful tadpoles Corydalis solida: Corydalis solida. Självsådda plantor kan bli mycket olika i färg. Vi drar därför alla med tråkiga nyanser. Pseudofumaria alba Blekgul nunneört. En verklig långblommare, dessutom är den vintergrön, de skira bladen klarar vinterfrosten här på västkusten

Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans' on March 20, 2014; in Plant of the week; Leave a Comment; After a day of strong winds and a nasty, cold, wet morning the sun finally made an appearance this afternoon, but it was not enough to tempt those spring flowers, that need the warmth of the sun to convince them it is safe to open, to unfurl their buds Corydalis solida comes in many colors: in the right corner is 'Purple Bird', in the middle is pink 'Beth Evans', and in the left corner is brick red 'George P. Baker'.. As the hellebores bloom in my garden, they do not stand alone but are surrounded by large swathes of spring ephemerals. These are plants that come up in the spring to take advantage of the available sun before the. Pystykiurunkannus (Corydalis solida, syn. C. bulbosa, C. laxa) on aikaisin keväällä kukkiva monivuotinen emäkkikasvi. Pystykiurunkannus kasvattaa keväällä mukulamaisesta juuresta matalan varren, joka kukkii sinipunaisin kukin ja kuihtuu varhain. Lajia tavataan luonnonvaraisena erityisesti Keski- ja Itä-Euroopassa Pohjoismaiden eteläosaa myöten

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Corydalis is a genus of about 300 species some people consider to belong to Fumariaceae family. Others chose to include this family as a subfamily, Fumarioideae, in the Papaveraceae family. This genus is widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe, Asia, North America, and the mountains of Africa Tracheophyta › Magnoliopsida › Fumariaceae › Corydalis › Corydalis solida. Ecology . A tuberous perennial herb found in woodland, hedgerows, churchyards and rough grassland, and on roadsides, river banks and walls. It occurs as a garden escape or throw-out, and often becomes naturalised. Reproduction is by seed and tubers Corydalis 'G.P.Baker' from the Chelsea Gold Medal winning nursery Plantagogo, which is also the holder of the National Collection for Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella

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  1. Corydalis solida. €0.41 apiece. Tax included Spring Corydalis or bird-in-a-bush, purple-pink. Height 20-25 cm. Ideal for naturalizing under or next to shrubs. Quantity Price You Save; 100: €0.38: Up to €2.87: 200: €0.37: Up to €8.20: Quantit
  2. Corydalis solida 'G.P. Baker' - Corydalis 'G.P. Baker' has amazing near-red flowers atop delicate bluish-green foliage in spring
  3. Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. appears in other Kew resources: IPNI - The International Plant Names Index. Herbarium Catalogue (1 records) Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status; Feb 25, 1929: Kotschy, T. [401], Romania: K000653401: Bibliography. First published in Man. Herbor
  4. d are almost all monocots. In that respect, this plant shown above is an anomaly: it's a dicot. There are a few other dicots familiar in the bulb trade, cyclamen and oxalis for instance, but they are a small
  5. Corydalis solida is a PERENNIAL growing to 0.2 m (0ft 8in) by 0.1 m (0ft 4in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 6 and is not frost tender. It is in leaf from March to July, in flower from April to May, and the seeds ripen from May to June. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees. The plant is self-fertile
  6. Corydalis solida Frodo, Stor Nunneört, P9cm. 127 kr. Ord. 159 kr. Du sparar 32 kr (20 %) Finns i lager för omgående leverans. Finns ej i lagret. Endast få kvar i lagret (4 st) Lägg i varukorgen. Finns ej i lagret. Bevaka produkt. Ange din e-postadress nedan så meddelar vi dig när produkten finns i lager

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Compact mounds of attractive foliage give rise to spikes of deep, royal purple blooms that are just the right hue for brightening lightly shaded garden beds. Busy lives require low-maintenance garden plants, and Corydalis solida 'Purple Bird', also known as Spring Fumewort, or Bird in a Bush, is as easygoing as you could possibly wish. But, nobody will believe you didn't put in a lot of. Corydalis solida ssp. incisa 'Lentune Snow' Corydalis solida 'Lentune Scarlet' Maintained by Don Peace email: don@lentune.net Twitter: @DonPeace Last updated 8th August 202 Spring Fumewort - Corydalis bulbosa - €5 for 5 bulbs . Fumewart is a subtle but stunningly beautiful plant, blooming from April to May fitting in well among other smaller bulbs and early bloomers. By early May, the plant dies back and disappears leaving space in the garden for the summer bloomers Corydalis scouleri. With bluish waxy leaves and very sturdy stems, these light- and dark-pink flowers are tall and elegant-looking. They grow up to 50 inches in height and are perennials, blooming mostly in late spring. They grow mostly along the banks of shaded streams, in the woodlands, and even in shaded, moist roadsides. Corydalis solida Define Corydalis solida. Corydalis solida synonyms, Corydalis solida pronunciation, Corydalis solida translation, English dictionary definition of Corydalis solida. Noun 1. Corydalis solida - herb of northern Europe and Asia having erect racemes of red flowers fumeroot, fumewort genus Corydalis, Corydalis - annual or..

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  1. Hem / Växtskyltar med bild / Perenner / Corydalis solida George Baker. Corydalis solida George Baker. 30.00 kr. Format. Nollställ. Corydalis solida George Baker mängd. Lägg i varukorg. Kategori: Perenner. Växtskyltar med bild. Frukt & Bär; Krydd- och medicinalväxter; Rosor; Barrväxter.
  2. Species: Corydalis solida Links. Den virtuella floran: Corydalis solida; Wikipedia: Corydalis solida; Butterflies. List of lepidoptera species using Corydalis solida as larval foodplant. EN Parnassius mnemosyne - Clouded Apollo Overview: Foodplants Family: Papaveraceae Genus:.
  3. Corydalis solida Namn: stor nunneört Synonym(er): N/A Familj: vallmoväxter (Papaveraceae, Fumarioideae) Utbredning: Europa,.
  4. Tag Archives: Corydalis solida Foto. En botanisk resa. May 16, 2015 Håkan Leave a comment. Dalälven är känd som en skiljepelare mellan norr och söder. Det gäller även växter och djur till viss del. Idag var det dags igen att se vad sörlänningarna kan bjuda på
  5. One of my favorite plants is corydalis solida, particularly the reddish or pinkish forms. This corydalis is a little bulb native to parts of Europe and Asia. It is a spring ephemeral, meaning it comes up early, in late winter for us, and blooms in early spring and then dies down. By summer, it will have disappeared from above the ground
  6. Corydalis solida (nunneört) Corydalis soli­da (nun­neört) Lämna ett svar Avbryt svar. E-postadressen publiceras inte. Obligatoriska fält är märkta * Kommentar. Namn * E-postadress * Webbplats. Vänligen svara med siffror: 10 − ett = Meddela mig om nya inlägg via e-post

Corydalis solida ssp. incisa, fliknunneört. Näva frön Gardens North som jag drivit upp själv från frön. Cyklamen coum 'Rubra' samt, täckbark. En liten närmre bild på fliknunneörten och nävan Corydalis solida, 'George Baker' Bird in a Bush, Spring Fumewort, Fumitory, Fumewort. This is a superb plant, a relatively rare tuberous form with attractive grey-green, deeply dissected foliage. In spring it bears dense upright spikes of flowers, rosy-red in colour tinged with a hint of orange Corydalis solida is native to Northern Europe and Asia and is found in diverse habitats such as meadows or woodlands. In Northern Europa, Corydalis solida is the most common flower in its genus. It is found in Sweden, southern Finland to the Urals, central Europe, Spain and Greece Corydalis solida. by Matt Mattus | Posted on April 25, 2007 August 13, 2020. Corydalis vittae . Janus Ruksans amazing catalog, is a must-have for any rare bulb connoisseur which you can obtain by writing him directly (he doesn;t have a web site) at: Ruksans Bulb Nursery, Rozula, Cesis District, LV-4150, Latvia Corydalis pumila x solida, Corydalis rutacea Thore Magnus Fries, Professor i botanik i Uppsala, beskrev 1854 en ny art Corydalis rutacea från Linnés Hammarby och tillade att ännu är den ej funnen vild utan endast förvildad, qvarstående sedan Linnés tid i hans planteringar vid Hammarby och i den gamla botaniska trädgården i Upsala

Corydalis solida: 1 n herb of northern Europe and Asia having erect racemes of red flowers Synonyms: fumeroot , fumewort Type of: Corydalis , genus Corydalis annual or perennial herbs of Himalayan China and South Afric Plant: Bird-in-a-bush * Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. - Spring Fumewort * Syn: Fumaria bulbosa, Fumaria bulbosa var. solida - perennial, type of inflorescenc Products / Corydalis / Papaveraceae Sold Out Additional pictures available to view. Select picture above and then choose next. Corydalis - solida 'George P. Baker' Item Number: 12-0104. Sold Out Important Product Notes: Categories: Catalogue - Fall Planted shipped 9-1-17 to. Corydalis solida stor nunneört. Den `korallröda` har jag fått så den vet jag inte vilken den är. Men den sprider sig rikligt även den. Annons. Lite läckert att blanda dem på ett ställe i trädgården tycker jag General information about Corydalis solida (COYSO) Name Language; bird in a bush: English: bulbous corydalis: English: purple corydalis

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The extracts of Corydalis solida subsp. Solida and Glaucium corniculatum inhibit acetylcholinesterase (Orhan et al., 2004). A. mexicana has antibacterial, anticancer, sedative, and probably antianxiety properties (Arcos-Martínez et al., 2016) However, Corydalis solida differs from many in that it does not appreciate a hot, open bake during summer. Plant in dappled shade where the ground stays cool and on the moister side Corydalis from the Greek 'Korydalís' meaning 'crested lark' Someone lucky enough to go hiking in the Carpathian Mountains in late April-early May would be surrounded by multicoloured masses of Corydalis solida - Fumewort (or 'brebenei' in my native tongue) Corydalis. Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Corydalis (family Papaveraceae). The record derives from WCSP (in review) (data supplied on 2012-03-23) which reports it as an accepted name with original publication details: Man. Herbor. Suisse. Corydalis solida 'Splendens' Corydalis solida 'Rode Tinten' Corydalis solida . Corydalis cashmeriana. Corydalis elata. Corydalis integra.Corydalis flexuosa. Corydalis shaereri. Corydalis magadanica. Corydalis glaucescens. Corydalis x allenii. Corydalis brunneovaginata or possibly C. jingyuanensis* Corydalis longicacarata, probably var.

Corydalis flexuosa 'China Blue' has incredibly intense blue flowers - few other plants have flowers of such a gloom-piercing blue, which ranges from almost turquoise to mid china blue. Grow three or five plants in a group to make the greatest effect in a larger garden. Beautiful plants for adding spring detail to a woodland garden, or a humus rich border in the shade of shrubs Description. Virtually white flowers infused with pale wine-red on the upper surface of the spur. A deeper shade is broadly painted around the edges of the face, with an even more striking deep purple-red, picotee edge Synonyms for Corydalis solida in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Corydalis solida. 2 synonyms for Corydalis solida: fumeroot, fumewort. What are synonyms for Corydalis solida

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Corydalis solida kor-ID-ah-liss SOL-ih-dah Audio This species produces mauve-pink, purple, or white flower spikes in spring over deeply divided gray-green leaves that are barely 10 inches tall Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Corydalis Species, Bird in the Bush, Fumewort, Spring Fumewort (Corydalis solida) supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles data..

Corydalis solida, syn. C. halleri, C. transsylvanica (fumewort), is a species of flowering plant in the family Papaveracae. ----- De vingerhelmbloem (Cor.. Corydalis solida belongs to the Flowering Plants group. Scientific name Source Corydalis solida subsp. solida (L.) Clairv.: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (2001 Släktnamnet Corydalis kommer av grekiskans korydalion, ett växtnamn hos Dioskorides. I äldre litteratur har de ibland kallats jordrökar eller jordröksörter men namnet jordrökar används numera på släktet Fumaria. stor nunneört (C. solida) Bestämningsnyckel Corydalis solida. ID - 21727. Symbol Key - COSO6. Common Name - spring fumewort. Family - Fumariaceae. Category - Dicot. Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. kingdom Plantae - plants » divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants » class Rosopsida - eudicots » order Ranunculales » family Papaveraceae » genus Corydalis - fumewor

Corydalis solida (Spring Fumewort) is a species of perennial herb in the family Papaveraceae. It has a self-supporting growth form. It has simple, broad leaves. Spring Fumewort is a photoautotroph. Individuals can grow to 0.12 m Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. - spring fumewort Subordinate Taxa. This plant has no children Legal Status. Wetland Status. Interpreting Wetland Status. Related Links. More Accounts and Images; ARS Germplasm Resources Information Network (COSO6) CalPhotos (COSO6) Integrated. Corydalis solida Fam. Papaveraceae. Native range: North and Central Europe. Growing conditions: sun to part shade in the spring, then shade for the rest of the season, under deciduous trees; ephemeral. Height: 20-25 cm Hardy to zone: 3. Seed count/package: 50+ mix, mainly from the regular purple forms this yea Unusual Bulbs - Corydalis Solida. 0 Review(s) Quick Overview. The Cottage Garden has a distinct style that uses informal design, traditional materials and dese plantings. English in origin, the Cottage Garden Relies on grace and charm

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The sweet look of this Corydalis softens the harshness of rocky landscapes—it'll drape exquisitely over a stone wall and shine in the crevices of a rock garden. It's easy to grow and perennialize, so that's one less thing to worry about year after year! Deer tend not to eat this variety. Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans (Download Help) Corydalis solida TSN 508164 Taxonomy and Nomenclature Kingdom: Plantae : Taxonomic Rank: Species : Synonym(s): Corydalis bulbosa (L.) DC. Common Name(s): spring fumewort [English] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: accepted Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility. Corydalis solida George Baker AGM £ 5.00 - £ 22.00 George Baker has flowers that are a fantastic brick red with the inside delicately flushed with bishop violet Corydalis solida 'Jamie' Corydalis solida 'Kissproof' Corydalis solida 'Lahovice' Corydalis solida var. laxa (Fr.) Mansf. Corydalis solida 'Linnet' Corydalis solida 'Nymphenburg' Corydalis solida penza strain Corydalis solida 'Petter' Corydalis solida prasil strain Corydalis solida 'Purple Beauty' Corydalis solida 'Purple Bird' Corydalis solida.

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Corydalis scouleri..... $15.00ea Native. Z6 Ht.to 1M. Lovely native perennial with grey green foliage and racemes of pink to white blooms in early summer. Corydalis solida `Beth Evans'..... 10cm pot $8.00ea Ht.15-25cm. Z6 Corydalis solida subsp. solida (17) Charts showing breakdown of occurrence records (0 records) View records (0 records) View interactive map (0 records) Literature references from PlutoF Public DNA sequences from UNITE or PlutoF. čvrsta šupaljka (Corydalis solida) okriljena šupaljka (Corydalis ochroleuca) bijela šupa­ljka (Corydalis acaulis) Uzgajaju se i kao ukrasne biljke, razmnožavaju se sjemenom ili dijeljenjem korijena s rastućim pupom na razmak od 15 cm. Odgovara im polusunčano stanište, humusna i dobro drenirana, vlažna zemlja

Botanically Inclined – Seed Adventures – Plants seeds forFlora van Nederland: Vingerhelmbloem - Corydalis solida
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